SIG Sauer P230

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SIG Sauer P230

The SIG Sauer P230 is a small, semi-automatic handgun chambered in .32 ACP or .380 Auto. It was designed by SIG Sauer of Eckernförde, Germany. It was imported into the United States by SIGARMS in 1985. In 1996 it was replaced by the model P232.


Based on the US Military M18 model, the Sig Sauer  P32 M18 Semi-Auto Pistol delivers the unmatched reliability, accuracy, and dependability you’ve come to expect from the P320 series. This compact-sized civilian version features an optic-ready, stainless steel, Coyote Tan, PVD-finished slide with a removeable night sight plate for easy installation and quick removal of optics. Built on a stainless steel frame, the carry-length grip module offers a textured handle for excellent grip and shooting control. Siglite front and night sight rear plate sights for precision shooting in low-light conditions. Reliable striker fired trigger with a short tactile reset. Ambidextrous manual safety. the Sig Sauer P320 M18 Semi-Auto Pistol comes with one 17-round and two 21-round magazines.

  • Based on the US Military M18 model
  • Unmatched reliability, accuracy, and dependability
  • Stainless steel, Coyote Tan, PVD-finished slide
  • Removeable night sight plate on slide
  • stainless steel frame
  • Carry-length grip module
  • Textured handle for excellent grip
  • Siglite front and night sight rear plate sight
  • Reliable striker fired trigger
  • Ambidextrous manual safety
  • Includes one 17-round and two 21-round magazine.


SIG P230 was designed in 1977 as a concealable law enforcement sidearm. After World War II, the West German state police mainly carried Walther PP and Walther PPK models chambered in .32 ACP, as at the time, no 9x19mm pistol was compact nor portable enough for concealed carry. However, various terrorist incidents in West Germany circa early 1970s, such as 1972 Munich Massacre and Red Army Faction‘s activities, pushed the West German law enforcement outfits to seek new, more powerful handguns to counter to these new threats. P230 was submitted for the search, but was not selected. The West German police decided to use 9mm Parabellum ammunition, with SIG Sauer P225 (P6), Walther P5, and H&K P7 being selected, and would be issued at the discretion of each state.


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