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Great pistol

Review by Anthony.Sleck on 4 Aug 2020 review stating Great pistol

I have now owned this pistol for over a month and just love it. I know some will tell you it is too hard to cc, but I disagree. With my IWB holster it is perfect with the 17 rnd mags. The 21 rnd mags are tougher to cc.
As for shooting, this thing is always on with very little recoil.

Jeremy B

Great for bow hunting and 3D target archery

Review by Jeremy B. on 2 Sept 2020 review stating Great for bow hunting and 3D target archery

I bought this rangefinder last year and used it throughout deer season and during the 3D target season. It has never let me down! Easy to use and carry, the only downside is the manual focus but its not a big deal.
Its a definite buy and I highly recommend it!

Image of Review by Jeremy B. on 2 Aug 2020 number 1

Brian J.

Best self defense ammo

Review by Brian J. on 2 January 2020 review stating Best self defense ammo

I’ve used this ammo for a couple of years now, I never knew sig made ammo until I saw it in my local store. This stuff feeds flawlessly in the 2 9mm pistols I carry everyday. With all the testing that’s been done, the mushroom it has is very consistent.

I had to buy direct from sig because finding ANY ammo is hard at the local shops thes

Image of Review by Brian J. on 2 Aug 2020 number 1

Sgt S

Like the new look

Review by Sgt S. on 1 March 2020 review stating Like the new look

Needed to replace my old, stock grips, they were worn and chipped.

Needed to replace my old scratched and dinged up grips. Sig was carried
OTJ for 10 yrs.
Saw the FDE grips were available and figured, I’d go for a different look.
These are same grips Sig uses on the combat model. Of course they
fit perfectly, they also ca

Image of Review by Sgt S. on 1 Aug 2020 number 1